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[20 Nov 2004|05:05pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I have so noticed that this community is dead.
But I like the title.
What exactly is this community for?
And..does anyone here even update!?

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this place is dead. [29 Nov 2002|03:07am]

orchid released a CD with both chaos is me and dance tonight! on it. merry fucking christmas to me.
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[19 Sep 2002|02:27pm]

anybody heard dag nasty's new stuff yet? its endearing to hear dave again. his voice has gotten a little more refined, ha, but its still good old dave smalley.

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FUCK [14 Sep 2002|12:20pm]
Hi, I have never posted in this community. So..I guess this is my first post...heh.
Out of all the English words that begin with the letter 'F'...
FUCK is the only word that is referred to the "F-word"
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Her Love Is So Real It Smells Like Glue [08 Sep 2002|02:26pm]

[ mood | happy ]

3 years later after somebody snatched a compilation CD I had with a song Neutral Milk Hotel covered that was impossible to find until today while wandering around being stupid, I found it. 2.99

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[24 Aug 2002|11:09pm]

[ mood | alright. ]

i almost bought a record player today. but it didnt have speakers, or a needle and it couldnt even play 5", so i decided to wait it out some more.

but, lord, do you know how tempting it was to get it? i found a native nod 7" for $4.50 at [unshared location] and...boy, what i wouldnt do for the chance to play it. maybe i will buy it anyway.

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excerpt from last nights entry. [18 Aug 2002|05:30pm]

'...then the whore started trying to discuss punk and emo with me. with me. get the fuck out of here.
idiot: yea, juliana theory is like emo and punk
me: no, thats not emo or punk. its post-emo indie
idiot: its emo
me: fuck you, no it isnt, i know my shit
lisa: she knows her shit
me: im an elitest bastard...
idiot: yea you are, you bastard
me: ...and im telling you juliana theory is not emo

im glad we could all shared in the neurotic elitestness together.
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My Sunday Morning Date With VH1 [18 Aug 2002|09:58am]

[ mood | hungry ]

Tonight is the Le Tigre show at the Metro here in Chicago, and like always I am broke, but hopefully with my new found prospects of a paycheck, I will be able to make the Hot Snakes show on the 23rd.

Due to the unavailability of Le Tigre in my life, I will fill my morning with a rerun of Nirvana's MTV Unplugged performance and pretend I am a whole 13 year old all over again.

For those who might want to know, the Hot Snakes are a fantastic rock act composed of members of Rocket From The Crypt and Drive Like Jehu. Very very good stuff.

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[16 Aug 2002|12:47am]

i almost saw funeral diner tonight.

yea and then i got kicked out of the bar in front of the worlds most beautiful man ever.
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The Mission Is Clear [15 Aug 2002|11:51am]

If everyone helps in gaining new members to the community, conversation will be better. I promise, or I'll post nude photos of Thurston Moore up.
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[14 Aug 2002|06:48pm]
[ mood | content ]

guess what? count me in after my little mishap in anti-dashboard. :o)
i'm sure all you guys will teach me very very well in the subject of GOOD music!

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[14 Aug 2002|11:40am]

[ mood | intrigued. ]

can i just express how glad i am that someone else in the world doesnt think the get up kids or dashboard confessional are emo? thank you.

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How To Be Indie Rock [14 Aug 2002|12:43pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Go here: So You Want To Fake Being Indie Rock?

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woot! [14 Aug 2002|12:20pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Yeah, the community's first entry and nobody's around to hear it. Oh well. I'm just going to start off with some facts.

Emo's dead, but at one time many people liked emo. Emo was really popular in the village and would bed a different girl each night. Then one day Emo slayed the evil Dragon named Allegra, and many kids with allergies were pissed. This bolted Emo to a heightened new popularity that resulted in many various homosexual relationships with invidividuals ranging from Monica Lewinsky to Kurt Vonnegut. Nobody is quite certain how MTV mistook Chris Carraba for such a heroic figure, but Emo died of smoking related cancers last fall.

We will miss Emo, a lot.

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